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  5. "Ich hoffe nicht."

"Ich hoffe nicht."

Translation:I hope not.

April 13, 2013



how about ´I do not hope´?


"I hope not" means there is a situation that you wish not to occur/ to exist. Something like this "Are the zombie penguins still attacking our village?" "I hope not.. I'm scared"

"I do not hope" refers to the act of hoping, and that the person does not hope. "Hopefully, the penugins are gone!" "I do not hope - I take action. Let's kill those zombie penguins"

Both meanings could be expressed by the German "Ich hoffe nicht", if you pronounce "hoffe" more strongly it means the 2nd option, if you pronounce "nicht" more strongly or do not put particularly stress any of the words it means the 1st option.


Very useful, thanks for your funny examples ;)


So technically, if someone wrote "I do not hope", it should be correct.


Would "Ich habe kein Hoffnung" work for a sense of despair?


Yeah it would. It would mean the same thing as I do not have any hope.


"Ich habe keine Hoffnung" ("Hoffnung" is feminine.)


why is the translation "I expect nothing" wrong when the popup translation for hoffen says expect i a valid translation?


Because in that sentence, this is not "nichtS" (=nothing) but "nicht" (= not).


Ah. That answers my question. Thanks.


Why is "I do not expect" an incorrect translation?


Because the verb "to expect" needs something behind it. Ex : "I do not expect the fortune to come". I guess german is the same as english in that case. Your formula alone was not false but needed a complement, at least on the english side of the translation.


"I expect not" is also not accepted, although it can be used without object in this sense, same as "I hope not".


To expect something is not the same as hoping. One might expect to drown if falling off a cruise ship in the middle of the ocean; most people would not, however, hope to drown.


How do I say 'I am not hoping' (which is how I had translated this sentence)?


How about I do not hope


That's a good question. Which is probably why MelvinCheung asked it--and amoussa answered it--about 5 years ago.

You'll find it as the first comments in this discussion page.

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