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  5. "Nimesikitika"


Translation:I am disappointed

May 20, 2019



Other than 'sikitika' meaning disappointed does it mean sorry?


I am having trouble understanding when to use "-sikitika." Do I say it when I am apologizing for something? Do I say it when someone let me down?


a general use for it is to convey distress of some kind, e.g. worry, being troubled, etc. so it can be interpreted a bunch of ways. You can use it to express disappointment in someone


The "-me-" makes me look out for "has/have" There is no "-na-" and I wonder about the "am"? What am I missing?


-me- is usually used for states of being in the present as well, e.g. tired, asleep, etc. '-na-' has more of a continuous/repetitive connotation. 'Ninasikitika' translates to 'I get disappointed'

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