Possessive pronouns

I'm trying to get my possessive pronouns right. It is a bit of a struggle. Can you help me complete ?

Lunar : Ñuha/Ñuhi, Aōha/Aohi, Zÿha/Zÿhi, Īlva/Īlvi, Jeva/Jevi, Pōja/Pōji

Solar : Ñuhys/Ñuhyz, ??

Aquatic : Ñuhor/Ñurha, ??

Terrestrial : Ñuhon/Ñuha, ??

Also, I don't understand why, on wikidothraki, I can find that "jaha" is the third person singular for aquatic and terrestrial names. Wouldn't it be "Jahor" or "Jahon" ?

I really need help on this one. Thanks in advance.

May 20, 2019


You are mixing up the possessor and the possessee.

If the possessor is solar or lunar, it is "zȳhon" (with all the declensions of course), if the possessor is terrestrial or aquatic, it is "jāhon" instead. How these possessive pronouns are declined, however, depends on the possessee.

"Targārien jāhe kepe jorrāelza" is correct, because Targārien is terrestrial, so it can't be "zȳhe", but the "-e" is because of kepa being a lunar noun.

The possessive pronouns follow pretty normal declension patterns, so you can look up all the forms in the declension tables easily.

May 21, 2019

Okkk got it. Thanks.

May 21, 2019

Perhaps it will be helpful to look at what I wrote here:$comment_id%3D29231486?

June 3, 2019
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