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Another thank you to Duolingo from just another user.

A preface story about me: I took a gap year in my second year of college due to my inability to pay for it (Murcia right?). I felt so incredibly disappointed in myself, and had a lack of motivation to do anything, essentially falling into a pit of depression. I love learning and school was everything to me. I was very active in school and involved with numerous programs that kept me busy 24/7 (along with friends of course). After having to temporarily drop out, I didn't know how to spend my free time since all my friends were at school and I was at home by myself for hours on end. Safe to say I was incredibly bored, yet still lacked the energy to do anything about it. On one magical day, I saw the Duolingo app on my phone as I was browsing social media, and I felt intrigued to give it a try. Long story short: I started with spanish, completed the tree, and gained an addiction to learning languages. I loved learning them so much I managed to attain a B2 level that same exact year. After seeing my results, my energy and motivation sky-rocketed and now was able to go back to school with sufficient funds and motivation to complete another year. Through this, I was able to apply to a high ranking school in my state and got accepted! I was able to pass the foreign language exams thanks to Duolingo and now continuing my educational journey. So nontheless, I'm pretty grateful for it.

The point of my post

I've been equally frustrated with Duolingo (at times as much as everyone else here has been on the forums), with regards to clubs, translations, XP reductions, etc. However, I still am very grateful for the opportunity that Duolingo has been offering us for years, and they still continue to implement new and improved stuff.

I decided to write this because I had just read a forum post about "Duolingo not listening to its users" and how one of the moderators on there is getting backlash. I felt sincerely bad because I too am upset at times with the website, but I wouldn't outright blame them for a lack of progress/changes.

Anyways, I just wanted to say that Duolingo opened me up to a world that I thought was unimaginable to attain, and I am very pleased to say that Duolingo has allowed me to achieve goals that would have taken me months/years to obtain. I want to thank the moderators, developers, contributors, and you, the users, for pushing this website to become bigger and better each day. Even though, evidently, that we don't always get what we wish for, I am glad to have a free resource that allows me to spend my time practically.

May 21, 2019



Congratulations for your high spirit writing. I actually admire your ambition to linguistics and I feel compassion with your financial circumstances. Yet,you are young,so do not hesitate to reach the top !


Best post of the week! Thank you for sharing. My favorite part is the paragraph under (The point of my post)


I agree wholeheartedly. This is an excellent program, and it's free!


I like the fact that you saw positives in the negative situation around you. I must say people like you are an inspiration for someone like me to keep at it and never give up. Finally, Duolingo may not be 100% perfect but the effort put into the app is appreciated, hopefully they can start applying the needed changes users are clamouring for. Thanks for sharing.


congrats! love ur avatar haha


Great post! I agree! Things aren't perfect here though I'm not sure there's a place in the virtual or real world which is perfect. It's great to hear some positive comments on all the effort that goes into a solution which is here to help people learn. Thanks for sharing.


Great note. I've only recently joined Duolingo but am, today, on a 52 streak, only missing one day since I discovered the program. Cant talk about the changes as I've only seen the latest version but find the current rendition an amazing platform for learning.

As an aside i've seen several people post about the mental health benefits. As a psychologis,t I agree wholeheartedly and have recommended it to clients who seem likely to benefit. So far I'm only getting positive feedback.

Good luck pursing your studies. I'm sure you will succeed, given you love of learning.

So I'd like to say thanks as well and keep up with the great work, Duo!


I love that you found a way to make more of your year off from formal education. Sometimes it's the things you do away from "school" that set you up for future success. Have you found ways to practice outside of Duolingo?


Love it! Great program.

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