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  5. "That is my new cat."

"That is my new cat."

Translation:Itu kucing baru saya.

May 21, 2019



How do you know what order to put the two adjectives in? Is 'itu kucing saya baru' correct?


Please have a look here:

Word order in a noun phrase :
Adjectives, Noun Phrase, Tips & Notes, Addendum :


The adjective that adjacent to a noun is explaining the preceeding noun and always comes after the noun, and the possesive pronoun comes after all of them.

Ex1: kucing(noun) baru(adj) = new cat

Ex2: kucing(noun) baru (adj) saya (possessive pronoun) = my new cat

Ex3: kucing(noun) saya (poss.pronoun) baru (adj) = my cat is new


Hmmn. There are two ways of interpreting the English differently.

"That is my new cat" could be stressing the 'my' - of those two new cats, that one is mine. In which case i think "itu kucing baru saya" is correct.

But you could stress the "new" - of my two cats, that is the new one. In which case, I think you could say "itu kucingku baru", as opposed to my other cat, "itu kucingku lama". Nggak?

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