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  5. "That is my new cat."

"That is my new cat."

Translation:Itu kucing baru saya.

May 21, 2019



How do you know what order to put the two adjectives in? Is 'itu kucing saya baru' correct?


The adjective that adjacent to a noun is explaining the preceeding noun and always comes after the noun, and the possesive pronoun comes after all of them.

Ex1: kucing(noun) baru(adj) = new cat

Ex2: kucing(noun) baru (adj) saya (possessive pronoun) = my new cat

Ex3: kucing(noun) saya (poss.pronoun) baru (adj) = my cat is new


Please have a look here:

Word order in a noun phrase :
Adjectives, Noun Phrase, Tips & Notes, Addendum :


Hmmn. There are two ways of interpreting the English differently.

"That is my new cat" could be stressing the 'my' - of those two new cats, that one is mine. In which case i think "itu kucing baru saya" is correct.

But you could stress the "new" - of my two cats, that is the new one. In which case, I think you could say "itu kucingku baru", as opposed to my other cat, "itu kucingku lama". Nggak?


For the second statement, you should say, "itu kucingku YANG baru."

"Itu kucingku baru" is not standard.


I put "itu kucing baruku" because this is what I learned from my Indonesian friends


"itu kucing baruku" is less formal than "itu kucing baru saya".


Baruku and baru saya has the same meaning so why is it not accepted?

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