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Stories For Japanese, please

After the recent update, DL Stories are amazing now. Can we please have stories for Japanese and Korean to too.

May 21, 2019



YES Japanese stories would be SO helpful!!! And, Duolingo, while your at it go ahead and make us some Japanese podcasts too!!!


If they don't have French and German podcasts, I doubt Japanese ones would be coming.


We want to see them too, but volunteers have no control over this. We can only wait and see.


bruh we need the storys. It helps alot. pleaseeeeeeeeee


There are already many stories for Spanish, so wouldn't it theoretically be possible to translate some of the pre-existing Spanish stories into Japanese in order to minimize the amount of time and effort needed to develop and release some Japanese stories?

I suppose there could still be some possible issue(s) about the targeted vocabulary potentially not lining up between the different language courses, but as long as the stories used fairly basic language and sentence structures then I can't imagine that it would likely pose much of a problem.

The addition of Japanese stories (and also some more official content for Tiny Cards) would be a great learning aid in addition to the other material. With that said, I appreciate the time and effort that has already gone into the existing content, and recognize the indispensable efforts of volunteers in making much of this happen. Thanks!


Hey Luke, I believe the Japanese tree 2.0 is coming out soon? I'm halfway through my current tree. I expect the tree to virtually get reset for learning purposes?


Sounds interesting. Nice idea.

[deactivated user]

    I think it's less of a matter of them wanting to add them and more that it would take a lot of work. I'd imagine there's a chance this might be added at a later date but it would probably be low on the priority list. It's more difficult to add for Japanese and Korean in comparison to languages that are more similar to English like French or Spanish. That's part of the reason it took so long for these languages to be added in the first place.

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