"Ich besuche sie alle zwei Tage."

Translation:I am visiting her every two days.

April 13, 2013



Is it correct to say "jede zwei Tage" instead of "alle zwei Tage"?

April 13, 2013


No, that does not sound right, sorry I cannot tell you the grammatical reasons right now :/. You could, however, say "Ich besuche sie jeden zweiten Tag" (I visit her every second day).

April 13, 2013


Excuse me, I have seen these senteces here, how to recognize when "alle" refers it to a specific period of time like this example and when refers to people for instance?

December 18, 2013


Context. If it's followed by a specific period of time, then that's what it refers to.

February 26, 2016


why is "every other day" wrong?

May 19, 2014


I'm not sure it is. It seems like a perfectly good translation to me. DL just does not recognize it. I think I would report it as an answer that should be accepted.

July 17, 2014


Every other day is "jeden zweiten Tag" as in "every second day".

August 27, 2014


But what does "every two days" mean?

August 21, 2015


It is not as precise as "every other day" or "every second day", but it means once in a two day period.

For instance, you have a grandmother who lives in a nursing home. You go to visit her every two days. This week you go on Sunday, and then again on Tuesday. Your next visit should be on Thursday, but you have an appointment on Thursday, so you go on Wednesday instead. Then maybe you go on Friday, or wait until Saturday. You are going once in every two day period.

August 22, 2015


Thanks for your explanation but to me it sounds bad English, I am afraid.

May 7, 2018


"I am visiting her every two days," seems like extremely unnatural and bad English. Why is this the translation?

January 18, 2017


Seems perfectly good to me. It's more or less identical to "I visit her every two days".

A: "How is she doing?" B: "I'm visiting her every two days and she seems great."

Maybe you don't like that it's "every two days" and not "every other day", but I don't see a problem with either.

October 1, 2018


"every two days" is not commonly used and is awkward. Every 2nd, 3rd, 4th day is the common use.

May 11, 2019
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