Arabic Word of the Day 29#

*Bonjour! Today we're going to look at the numbers 0 - 10 (my bad, we should've done that earlier!). Let's start quickly as I've got a lot of things to do! :

*واحد = "Waah^id" = One

*إثنان = "Ithnaan" = Two - Some people will say "Ithnayn" as well so be aware of that as well

*ثلاثة = "Thalaatha" = Three - In English, we often tend to pronounce "th" strongly. Whenever there is a "ث", 'th' should be pronounce like that in "teeth", rather than that in... "that" (get it?)

*أربعة = "Arba3a" = Four

*خمسة = "Khamsa" = Five

*ستة = "Sita" = Six

*سبعة = "Sab3a" = Seven

*ثمانية = "Thamaaniya" = Eight

*تسعة = "Tis3a" = Nine

*(عشرة ) = "3ashara" = Ten

*And finally :

*صفر = "S^ifr" = Zero

*Now this is how they are written in Arabic:

  • ٠ < = nope, that isn't a smudge on your screen, it is the number 0 (aka: a diamond shaped dot)

  • ١ < = 1

  • ٢ < = 2

  • ٣ < = 3

  • ٤ < = 4

  • ٥ < = 5

  • ٦ < = 6

  • ٧ < = 7

  • ٨ < = 8

  • ٩ < = 9

  • ١٠ < = 10 (aka: a 1 and a 0 together) - As you can see, it is written in the same order: so units and tens and all that are in the same order (fairly easy).

*Now to the activity: Copy those down a hundred times each. I'm serious stop looking at me like that. [looking at Andres who's already done 3/4 while I'm typing this]... Lol you don't have to but that would be good practice. Anyways they're not even that complex [looking at Chinese alphabet] you can't even complain!

*Oh yeah also if you can't remember these^ then it's ok. Nowadays, it is becoming less common, though it is still used! Some people just use the (latin? I think it's called) numerical system, that you obviously know it goes like: 1, 2, 5, 8... yeah yeah that's the one! ;p But attempt it anyways!

*Before and Indian attacks me, I think these were taken from the Indians AGES ago... ;P So if you're Indian, you're one step ahead!

*Tomorrow we'll go through the rest of the numbers if I can make it (because I have lots of revision to do!) Hopefully I can cus I'm the no1 procrastinator ;)

*Thanks for Reading! Any Qs, Proof reading, Suggestions, Possible Improvements, please comment below! Have a Lovely Afternoon! Aaah it's WARM TODAY!!! :D MIRACLE! JK

May 21, 2019


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Thank you, I am in the process of copying down the numbers right now, 9# and 1# are easy to remember LOL.

Enjoy the warm weather!

May 21, 2019

Yep Lol I found 9 and 1 easy to remember when I was learning this. I also found 0 and 5 easy. I mainly got mixed up with 6,7 and 8. I dunno just 6 looks like a 7 and 7 and 8 are confusing.

Yeah I will while I can! [shoving head into revision book] "yeah I will" [Lol "revising right now am I?"] XD

You should apply to be a contributor :D

Ps: OMG my post hit 145 + likes!

I just upvoted :3

Thanks :D

Have a lingot!

NAAA boy I already have 352 lingots

@_@ sigh is this another form of showing off? Not cool. B3

I already applied ages ago, but it's ok now because they have new ones! ;D I think I already UV that one a while ago. Let me check, if I haven't then I will ;) Have a Nice Day! :D

Good!! it's cold today!! I'm freezing -_-

NANANA keep studying, I am on vacation B3 (It is your HAHA face B3)...unfortunately I don't leave home, but at least I have no homework, no exams, no boring teachers!! how can you keep studying in Ramadan?!

Huh! No fair I still have school you see... It's not like I waste my own holidays "revising" or something. Wait is it your summer holidays already?!! What?! My summer holiday begins on the 23rd (I think) of July!! :O

Well OBVIOUSLY I still have to go school in Ramadan cus I live in England! Of course they only give a holiday in Christmas and Easter but never on Ramadan or Eid so... :'( school it is! I have PE as well @_@ And I've got my worst teacher tomorrow and double English X_X could it get any worse? :'o

WHAT?!! HAHA it's my summer holiday!! what a poor cute mushroom =( we studied a week on Ramadan but just for 5 hours a day... I was suffering!! now I thank God HAHA! who is your worst teacher? for me she was the English one -_- it may get worse, I mean you'll have a plus English class or something....

5 hours!! What?! I study from 8am till 3pm!! Ha luckily next week is a week off cus it's half - term (I dunno if you have that in Algeria). But it's only a week! :'( English is my worst subject, but my English teacher is nice! My worst teacher is my Science teacher! I have 2 science teachers; one is nice and one is UGH! Anyways, I have the annoying one for a double lesson on Wednesdays only (thank god). But! My nice teacher is leaving on maternity leave so we're going to have that UGH everyday!!! And I have Science for a double lesson everyday except for Monday which I have one lesson on! (so many science lessons!) @_@ It can't get worse than that!

Yes in fact we have two weeks off twice a year, LOL you should understand this UGH teacher, he can't be that bad?

well it can't be worse but it can be better ;)

Wait! You only have 4 weeks off in a year? :o Lol we have a lot of holidays actually ;p A week or two after each term (there's six terms) and a 6 week long summer holiday :D how long is yours?

:O I just got an email from my school cus my biology test is tomorrow!!! I was meant to be revising. Lol I'm going to flop so bad in that exam! >_< CYA I need to start my last minute revision ;p

Hmm... I think yes, we also have a holiday in the beginning of November...wait you're lucky!!

Hmm from now till September =)

Same we have have tons of holidays in one year!

P.S lost my streak. .______.

WOW we have the same talent; last minute revision!!

even you, Joseph? wait where are you from?

this is tricky question, I am was born in America, my parents come from China, now we are living in SWEDEN!

soooo...another discussion, what should I do for my French post? I ran out of ideas! By the way still rain there? Probably still raining...........sigh feel bad for you...AndresGarner to you still go to school, or are you like old like 20. Because you still write like a young person who uses Lol, xD and other faces

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My age shall remain secret. LOL

I guess it depends on who I talk to, if I am talking to people that don't use "LOL" or ":P" than I will not, but if I am talking to people who do use those things then I will as well.

That's alright, Do you have any suggestions for the next French post?

Maybe names of foreign languages in French?

sorry already did one

I swear you didn't. You did one on other counties but not the languages they speak :o

He's an adult. It's obvious, I can tell an adult from a mile away. The words they use are long and the structure of their speech which I am analysing due to the drainage which English does to me everyday. < XD I'm trying to use long words but I'm kinda failing lol I don't even know if that even makes sense! Anyways, to the point, he's not a kid, but he's not old ; probably between 20 and 30...

ps: I knew you were a kid XD only I didn't think you were THAT small :3 JK

Yeah! I felt so -

I will give you guys a hint my age is somewhere from 1 - 100. LOL

i don't think so maybe 100 xD

100 + 1 hour till your b-day XD Now for real... 25?

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