"Ich mag alle Bücher."

Translation:I like all books.

April 13, 2013



why not "alles" ?

December 30, 2013


alles=singular, alle=plural

February 1, 2014


really? how it is possible to discuss alle/alles in relation to singular? 'all' (alle/alles) from it's definition is corelated to plural form in my opinion - or maybe am I wrong?

February 6, 2014


These are the rules of all- as a pronoun:

aller m, alles n, alle f, alle (pl.)

  1. (indefinite) in singular without a noun (usually alles): everything
  2. (indefinite) in singular with a noun: all (the) (+ singular noun)
  3. (indefinite) in plural without a noun: everybody, everyone
  4. (indefinite) in plural with a noun: all (the) (+ pl. noun) Examples: Menschen aus aller Welt = people from all over the world (die Welt, pl. die Welten) Alles ist gut. = Everything is fine/okay. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute. = I wish you all the best. Jetzt ist er aller Verantwortung frei. = Now he is free of all the responsibility. Alle waren total verständnisvoll. = Everybody's been so understanding.

It seems a bit paradoxical to talk about "alle" or "all" in english as a singular element since it refers by definition to an entire set of various elements. However, if you consider it as the "whole", this is, the set containing all of the elements, then you're talking about one object still, so the singular is the proper form.

February 6, 2014


Thanks and grab a lingot:-) ... But instead alle/alles at point 3. I would use jeder. Is that correct?

February 6, 2014


Does this sentence mean that you like every book ever written or that you like every type of book?

July 14, 2015


Ich lese gerne. (^~^)

October 27, 2015


What's the difference between gern and gerne?

October 30, 2015


From what I have seen, there is no difference and you can use either one.

November 2, 2015


bücher- plural, so why is correct answer is just book?

April 3, 2017


ist "alle" hier akkusativ?

September 15, 2015


Why not jeder?

October 23, 2015


Sounded like eine to me...

December 9, 2015


Why in "Ich esse alle Kartoffel" we need "the" before "potatoes", but here we don't need "the" before "books"? I think problem is my waek English grammar!

February 18, 2017



November 8, 2018


why bucher does not called books in this sentence

August 13, 2018


Is there a difference in meaning between “I like all books” and “I like every book”?

December 11, 2018


A slight one -- "every book" considers each book one by one while "all books" considers them all together as one group.

December 11, 2018
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