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  5. "यह जवाब सही नहीं है।"

"यह जवाब सही नहीं है।"

Translation:This answer is not correct.

May 21, 2019



"This answer is incorrect" is incorrect.


I put "This is not the right answer" and it was marked wrong :-(


That would be 'यह सही जवाब नहीं है' where the subject is 'this'/यह.

The given sentence is यह जवाब सही नहीं है। where the subject is 'this answer'/'यह जवाब'.


Seriously? This answer is incorrect is wrong because it should be This answer is not correct? This Duolingo program is Mickey Mouse.


"Incorrect" is its own word...gullut. So "incorrect" is a distinct word from the phrase "not correct".


is sahi (correct) Arabic? I've heard sahi bukhari somewhere used in an Arabic context.


Possible. The Hindi सही (and its antonym ग़लत) are both derived from Persian which shares some vocabulary with Arabic.


It is very close to arabic : sahih صحيح , but it is not pronounced H but ح ( the first thing that cross my mind is the sound of a snake ! ;-) And ص is a deep thick S that come from the back of the mouth ( it is retroflex ) Ghalat : is same as arabic غلط ، but the غ is like the sound of the french R in the word Armoire ( closet) And ط is basicaly a thick T that comes from the throat.


"This is not the correct answer." Oh the irony of it being incorrect and yet says the same as the correct answer...


This should be yeh sahi javab nahi hai

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