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  5. "Do not go home."

"Do not go home."

Translation:घर मत जाओ ।

May 21, 2019



cant it be मत जाओ घर


In colloquial speech, it can. However, grammatically, the verb usually comes at the end in Hindi.


Why can't it be "ghar mat jana"?


The infinitive form of a verb (like जाना) is used to give non-urgent/future commands, especially in colloquial Hindi. So, घर मत जाना। should be accepted for this sentence and you can report it if you see it again.

The imperative form of verbs ( जा, जाओ, जाइए corresponding to the three forms of 'you' ) is the usual way to give commands and make requests though.


On reflection I realise this lesson comes before को is introduced, but since I've seen that before finishing this one, I wrote here घर को मत जाओ - is that actually incorrect, as opposed to को just unnecessary? And why is it unnecessary anyway?


को is just not used with place names with the verbs आना and जाना. It might not be incorrect as such to include it but it doesn't sound very natural.
We know a postposition is supposed to be there and treat it as if it's there but don't explicitly put it in.

You can look at it as in 'Go home'. It feels like there should be a 'to' there but when you actually include it, it sounds unnatural.


ठीक है, धन्यवाद।

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