A bit overwhelmed!

Hey all! I'm about a quarter way through my Swedish tree and am beginning to feel the inevitable "daunted" feeling that I'm sure everyone gets when learning a new language. I feel like there are many lessons to go over and I just can't seem to find the right way to do it. (I know there has been numerous forums on this, but I would love some extra opinions on the matter). I've tried getting all my lessons up to gold for a section before moving on, but that just seems so repetitive and almost too boring (so much so that I started losing interest in learning the language). So I tried getting every new skill up to a decent level (two or three) and then moving on, but now I feel like I have almost an entire section of material I am not even close to being confident on, as I seem to forget a lot of the vocab, and I'm not sure how to continue the process.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks!

May 21, 2019


Are you using other learning resources like tinycards and the "light bulbs" on each topic? I didn't know about them early on but now I use them all the time. If a topic starts to feel repetitive, I'll sometimes try to test out of it. Often I'll pass the test pretty easily, other times I won't, indicating I haven't mastered the topic yet.

I have also started to listen to easy Swedish podcasts just to get a feel for the rhythm and pronunciation of the language.

Other ideas to keep things interesting: Go on easy Swedish websites like Radio Sweden på lätt svenska. Read paragraphs first in Swedish, then have the browser translate to English. I do this flipping back and forth between the languages. I am also reading children's books in Swedish using the same technique of flipping back and forth between Swedish and English.

I have also felt like the lessons are a drag at times but mixing things up with other learning resources has really helped me to keep the interest level up.

May 22, 2019

Thank you, this will definitely help!

May 22, 2019

I have seen and used the lightbulbs since the beginning. But what are tinycards?

May 22, 2019

It's a Duolingo site that has flash cards in topics that match each of the skills in the course. Here is the link for the Swedish course:

May 22, 2019

OH BOY! And I made my own flashcards with another program because I didn't know this exists. Thank you so much! How come there is no link to this from the main site?

May 23, 2019

You're welcome.

Good question about why tinycards isn't linked from the main site. I just checked the sticky posts at the top of the Swedish discussion area and I don't see them mentioned there. Seems like they should be since they are an official resource and earn xp.

May 23, 2019

You need Tinycards! Everyone does. First learn a new category of vocabulary, then use the words in sentences here. People should be told this in the beginning. And don't use the fridge magnets if you want to really learn.

May 27, 2019

Hi! /Hej!

I had a look at you Duome progress page. You´ve been doing A LOT in only two months. You are already almost halfway through the vocabualry for the whole course. I am not surprised if it feels overwhelming.

Jag tog en titt på din Duome progress-sida. Du har gjort MYCKET på bara två månader. Du är redan nästan halvvägs igenom ordförrådet för hela kursen. Jag är inte förvånad om det känns överväldigande.

Like Mark4898 says, it is a good idea to use other resources than Duolingo.

Som Mark4898 säger, det är en bra idé att använda andra resurser än Duolingo.

Are there any subjects that you´re really passionate about, or at least interested in? Try to find material - articles, books, radio and video shows, podcasts etc. - that cover these subjects. In this way you will encounter words that are important to you and that you will be more likely to remember and use in the future.

Finns det några ämnen du är passionerad eller åtminstone intresserad av? Försök hitta material - artiklar, böcker, radio- och videoshower, podcasts etc. - som behandlar de ämnena. På det sättet kommer du att träffa på ord som är viktiga för dig och som du med större sannolikhet kommer att komma ihåg och använda i framtiden.

But do also continue with Duolingo. The boring repetition is valuable.

Men fortsätt också med Duolingo. Den tråkiga repetitionen är värdefull.

May 22, 2019

Thanks! Will do.

May 22, 2019

To echo Kim and Mark above: My “deep learning” comes mainly elsewhere as I try to read simple texts, such as books, LingQ (not free but includes audio narration by native speakers) or the simplified Swedish newspaper (free). The motivation is simple: unless I figure the text out, I don’t get to “find out what happened” in the story. (I don’t allow myself to “cheat” by referring to an English translation or dumping more than just a few words at a time into Google Translate!) Each time I read, I find myself recognizing more words without looking them up, either because I read them before or because I saw them in Duolingo.

Reading works, for me at least, because curiosity is a great motivator. I think babies are motivated to learn language so they can know what the heck mom and dad are talking about or what the heck is happening to the blue bear and talking turnip as Auntie turns the pages. Same thing as you and I learning a new language. We do it because there’s a story out there we want to understand. Great progress on the course, by the way! Lycka till!

(PS - You mentioned your Duolingo tree, levels, etc...I try not to worry about those metrics beyond my basic daily XP goal. One can master a language without a golden tree, and one can have a golden tree without mastering a language.)

May 23, 2019

Thank you very much! Your motivation is very much appreciated :)

May 23, 2019

Learning a language is not easy and you will struggle. It's not that if you just repeat the same exercise the following ones will be much easier.

Try having a different approach to learning and dont get scared because it's hard. It means that you're putting effort into learning the language. Just repeat the exercise again the next day.

The tasks you have completed will always be there, but you can not continue doing themforever. When you feel like they are getting repetetive move on.

May 23, 2019
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