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(You are eating my ears) Μου έφαγες τα αυτιά

So recently I just found my favorite phrase in the whole wide world, "Μου έφαγες τα αυτιά". It means literally 'you are eating my ears', but is used in a way that means you talk too much. I really liked this phrase and wanted to find more random idioms like this but didn't want to look it up because hello, google translate. So, if anyone has any cool idioms are phrases in any languages - especially spanish, russian, or greek, that would be greatly appreciated!

May 21, 2019



-"Δε σηκώνει μύγα στο σπαθί του"= είναι αυστηρός και δε δέχεται εύκολα σχόλια για τον εαυτό του -"Αυτός πετά πέτρες"= δεν έχει λογικό ειρμό η κουβέντα του -"Δε δίνει του αγγέλου του να πιει νερό"= δεν δίνει εύκολα κάτι, είναι τσιγκούνης θα μπορούσαμε να γράψουμε Παρακαλώ μεταφράστε τα στα αγγλικά


Μας έσπασες τη μύτη μ'αυτό το αρνάκι που ψήνεις!
literally: You broke our nose with this lamb you are baking!
It means that you cook something that smells so delicious we've already started drooling.

Alternatives to μου έφαγες τ'αυτιά can be:
μου έφαγες τα συκώτια
μ'έφαγες / μας έφαγες

Τον έφαγε το μαράζι. --> He is tortured by a deep sorrow.
Της έφαγε τον άντρα. --> She took her husband.
Με τρώει το πόδι μου. --> My leg itches.
Η ομάδα σας έφαγε 3 γκολ. --> Your (football) team got 3 goals.
Φαγώθηκες να φύγουμε! --> You keep nugging that we should go!
Τρώω ξύλο --> I get beaten up
Έφαγε τη ζωή του στα καράβια --> He spent (wasted) his life working in ships


Thanks YPSILONZ. Here are some others courtesy of Greek Boston Newletter:



Some idioms in addition to YPSILONZ's are:
1) Την πάτησες (lit. you stepped on her/it) = You are in trouble
2) Με δουλεύεις (lit. you are working me) = You are kidding me
3) Έφαγα τον κόσμο να σε βρω (lit. I ate the world to find you) = I have been looking for you everywhere
4) Δεν καταλαβαίνω Χριστό (lit. I don't understand Christ) = I understand nothing
5) Είδα τον Χριστό φαντάρο (lit. I saw Jesus Christ as a soldier) = I was totally scared
6) Κάνω την πάπια (lit. act like a duck) = I pretend I don't know, I am not getting involved
7) Είσαι για τα πανηγύρια (Lit. You are for the fairs) = You are ridiculous
8) Δεν ξέρω την τύφλα μου (Lit. I don't even know about my blindness) = I know nothing.
9) Βγήκα από τα ρούχα μου (lit. I came out of my clothes) = I got very angry
10) Κάτσε στα αυγά σου (Lit. sit on your eggs) = Stay uninvolved (this one can also be used as an insult because it compares the person with a hen sitting on its eggs). 11) Μου κάνεις την ζωή πατίνι (lit. you are making my life a roller skate) = you make my life hell
12) Είμαι πίτα (Lit. I am a pie) = I am totally drunk
13) Τρέχω και δεν φτάνω (lit. I am running and not arriving) = I am very busy
14) Βαράω μύγες (lit. I am swatting flies) = I am doing nothing
15) Δεν παλεύεται (lit. it cannot be fought) = He/She/It is unbearable
16) Είμαι κομμάτια (lit. I am in pieces) = I am exhausted
17) Είναι τούβλο (lit. he/she is a brick) = He/she is stupid
18) Αυτό είναι στου διαόλου τη μάνα (Lit. that's by the devil's mother) = That's really far away
19) Μου έριξε Χ (lit. he threw me an X) = He turned me down (as when we mark something with an X)
20) Είσαι φέτες (lit. you are slices) = You are very fit (because the muscles look like slices)


Bro thanks, this is what I was looking for, after 12 hours lol


Alex Kittroeff did a whole cartoon series of Greek idioms in the Athenian magazine or its predecessor. He may have put it in book form or the magazine may have been digitized.


That is a book I'd like to read.


RiverDaniel -- 'Nother one I came across the other day -- χάνω τ' αβγά και τα πασχάλια = to lose one's marbles/go nuts/not to know what's happening/to have egg on your face. (How did "losing your eggs and lilacs" come to mean that, I wonder? But it's funny and certainly catchy -- and something unique to Greek, I'll bet.) Best, Paul

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