"Dacă nu facem sport, vom obosi."

Translation:If we do not do sports, we will get tired.

May 22, 2019



Instead of "obosim", "obosi" is used which, I believe, is the "future presumptive" tense. Then, there are some other future tenses to learn; e.g., Alternatives 1 &2 (Future).

May 22, 2019


There is a "present presumptiv" (for which, much like the future, different patterns are in use) and there is a "past presumptive", but a "future presumptive" does not exist.

The formal pattern of the future in use here is built with the auxiliary vrea followed by an infinitive. In other words: obosi is an infinitive.

Thus obosi will stay the same if you change the person and number:

  • Eu voi obosi - "I will get tired"
  • Tu vei obosi - "You will get tired"
  • Ei/ele vor obosi - "They will get tired" etc.

Another example:

  • Ea va сânta - "She will sing"
  • Voi veți cânta - "You [plural] will sing" and so on
May 22, 2019
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