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Fast Way to Switch the Site Language (to study from another language)

Since I practice Spanish from English (vice versa), and Portuguese from Spanish (vice versa), I need to switch between my origin (the site) languages daily. I'm feeling stupid because I've seen this before, but completely ignored it (must've been when I first logged onto the website). Anyway, here is the quick way to switch origin languages:

Español: Desde practico español desde inglés (la otra dirección también) y portugués desde español (la otra dirección también), necesito cambiar entre las idiomas del sitio. Me siento estúpido porque he visto este antes, pero lo ignoré (lo debo haber visto cuando hace uno mes). De todos modos, aquí está la manera rápida cambiar idiomas en el sitio:

  1. Simply hover over the little flag over your XP on the home screen
  2. And voila! You're in the language settings

I know how to work HTML, but I can't get the photos to post in-line here on Markdown...just click the links.

June 3, 2014



Thanks for the explanation, it took me a while to figure that out. What I cannot understand is that we cannot just switch to any language course when hovering the mouse over the flag in the header. It would so much less of a hassle. They may need to display an additional icon with the source language next to each course but that shouldn't be too hard.


It would be easier for us, that's for sure. But Duolongo must have set up their site--database queries &c or something--based on separate "known" languages, and changing would be a sizeable programming and testing endeavor. Anyway, that's my guess.


I would love to see that feature too. I am studying French for speakers of Italian, and Russian for speakers of English. Toggling back and forth is a big hassle. Duolingo, this would be a great improvement!


Agreed- I am learning several languages from different source languages and it is a real hassle having to change the language settings before accessing other courses. All subscriptions are listed in the discussion area so maybe they could be accessed from there?


I know, I would love to have that feature. If I ever get a feedback survey to do, I need to remember that.

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