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1000 days streak anniversary

Okay, how can someone feel after 1000 days in Duolingo family?

I think it is something and in the same time nothing. I started just as a try, to try to remember my French from school. And almost in the same time, to start learning Italian. It was fun, but "en mangeant vient l'appétit", by eating comes the appetite. Really surprised, but immersing into a language you discover little by little how to recognize the structure of the phrase. Repeating more and more you memorize the phrase and a new one intrigues you to discover it, as a new land, to decompose it and then to compose it again. This is the first step to master a chapter. Most tricky proved being German and Turkish, I am a native Greek speaker, so I always compare the phrase with the translation to my language and English. Many mistakes came from this transfer, it is not an easy job.

Duolingo, after all these years, has been transformed. There is always the Golden trophy. I wish it never change. I conquered French, Italian, Spanish, Greek (inverse tree for me), Turkish Golden Owl and I am trying to finish the German one. But Duolingo tree changed in the meantime. I lost some owls because of it, the French and Spanish trophy, but it doesn't matter, it is something I can accept, a new trophy can be a matter of time. There were no Crowns that time, there was a Fluency meter, that vwas fainting by the time and you had to keep it up all the time.

I embrassed the idea of clubs, it was a brilliant idea! I founded 6 clubs, Greek, French, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and German, the languages I am trying to master through Duolingo. They were good clubs, IMHO. Every week I was organizing a competition, 350 XPs and Top 10, but no 0 XPs or banned, it was a success this kind of competition. About 4/5 of members were staying each week, sometimes more. I noticed that many learners start a language and they are very enthusiastic in the beginning, but by the time this enthusiasm is fainting and they stop in the end. I say, we have to insist!!! A Golden Owl is just the beginning. We have to insist, to repeat and go further! There are many more resources out there, free, videos, texts, even books.

The adventure with clubs ended two days ago. It is a major milestone in my Duolingo adventure. I lost a lot of friends. Should I abandon my try? Well, I don't know. All clues in Duolingo are not important to me anymore, they are just an index of fluency. But Duolingo is in my every day routine. I use it when I am bored, I am waiting at my dentist's, when I am nervous, to distract me from my problems. My wife had had a difficult surgery and I was waiting out of the surgery room just trying to get my daily scope, 50 XPs for every language, it was a way to distract myself from the problem. Yes, Duolingo helps!

What is next? I have some plans. To finish the new trees, French and Spanish, that I had finished in the past, but I have to do it again. To finish the German tree, quite a challenge. To make all trees gold (a major ambition, but let's be optimistic!) To finish all Duolingo stories. To start an Arabic tree if it ever comes, to start a Japanese and a Chinese tree (this is quite challenging! ). Okay, am I too ambitious? :) Yes, but I actually believe that this language trip never ends. Language is a human conquest and there is in many forms. I incline to believe that language influences human mentality, human thought. Thanks, Duolingo! I could never know it without you!

May 22, 2019



Oh! I remember you, old friend Cosmoscarl. You were in my German club for a long time! This proposal gave me an idea. What about start participating in Slack workspaces each other. So a good network of learners could be created. It would be an interesting experiment that Duolingo cannot implement. Unfortunately!


You might want to consider an already-established environment like the app HelloTalk.


We'll check out HelloTalk


Das ist eine gute Idee


Yes, hopefully she is well now :) Thanks! <3


Hello there CosmosCarl! Guten tag!

I would be interested in joining your German club, since I am in desperate need of help, because I am currently on the German conjunctions, and I would enjoy having someone to talk to about German.

So, would you consider allowing me?


Hello CosmosCarl,

I would like to join your German club. Is it a private club or not?

Thanks in advance!


That is an impressive litany of languages. I have 21 days to go before my 1000 - and I've only really stuck to Italian with any perseverance, I hang my head in shame and awe. Well done you! At least my typing has improved. Look forward to hearing what you have achieved by day 2000, hope you keep going and stay enthused. Nice to have read your thoughts and experiences in the duoverse.


Congratulations, you are an inspiration.


Hello Stergi3. While I am not as ambitious or as diligent as you, I can say that my Duolingo experience has been similar. When life stressors are too much, I find that my commitment to Duolingo gives me an outlet — it is something positive that I do for myself, a promise if you will. I do not often read posts although I should because a lot of people here are very motivated and motivating, and you are definitely one of them. Thanks for the post. It has given me a nudge to reach my goal of being conversational in 5 different languages by Oct 2023.

PS. I tried to give you lingots but I am not sure it worked.


Things have changed a lot within the past few years on here. Congratulations and best of luck!




Looks like you're on your way too, Judy!


Congrats Stergi. I still have a while off until that milestone (cough cough 984 days). But that's a great achievement to reach! Have a lingot, :)


Congratulations, and nice to hear I'm not the only one who can remember the (hilariously inaccurate) fluency bars!



a message of incredible serendipity and awareness. Thanks


Well done, I feel like I’ll never get where you are!


DanielVanD18 - I think you easily can and will reach 1000 day streak judging by your accomplishments. Make sure you take advantage of the streak freeze feature. Good luck!


I had a 74 day streak, but then I went on vacation and my streak freeze didn't apply. But I'm still going for a thousand day streak!


You should contact duolingo on twitter, they will probably restore your streak!


I am now exactly at half the time you have spended on the site, and I completely agree with all your points : ). I felt a chill reading about the surgery, because I passed a very similar experience. Good next 1000 days :)




Πολλά συγχαρητήρια που κατάφερες να φτάσεις Χίλιες μέρες, δεν μπορώ να φανταστώ πόσο έχεις αφιερώσει τον χρόνο σου στο να μαθαίνεις νεές γλώσσες στο Duolingo. Είμαι σίγουρος πως σε βοήθησε να καταλάβεις πως πολλές γλώσσες κρύβουν και πολλά οικία στοιχεία μέσα τους, αλλά όλες είναι μοναδικές με τον δικό τους τρόπο. Εγώ δεν θα μπορούσα να αφιερώσω τόσο χρόνο σε 4 γλώσσες, θα πρέπει να είναι κατι πολύ δύσκολο, εγώ σήμερα έφτασα τις 100 μέρες που κάνω Ισπανικά, αν και έχασα κάπου στις 25 μέρες μια φορά, όμως το Duolingo με βοήθησε να μάθω πολλά νέα πράγματα, και η Ισπανική Γλώσσα έχει πολλές ομοιότητες με την Ελληνική, και αυτό ειναι ένα πράγμα που με έχει βοηθήσει να τα κατανοήσω πιο εύκολα.

Πάντως 100 μέρες δεν συγκρίνονται με 1000, και ξανά λέω συγχαρητήρια, και εύχομαι να συνεχήσεις να μαθαίνεις νεές γλώσσες, αν είναι κάτι που σε ικανοποιεί.


Ευχαριστώ πολύ @Greekfriend!


Congratulations! A very enjoyable post to read :)


Good job my dude! I hope your wife gets well soon!


but can you speak the languajes?


Congratulations on reaching the 1000-day milestone and to many more! Thank you for an inspirational and thoughtful post. :)


1000 days, that's amazing! I've just completed 677 days, so I've a way to go to catch up. Like you, duolingo has become part of my daily routine and although I mostly do Spanish, I also dabble in French, Italian and Chinese just for a change and for fun.


Just got to 1000 today. Just 1 day behind you.


Oh! I am really happy! I think you have the same experiences or at least similar to share. As you know, Duolingo is highly addictive, but it is a good addiction. Language learning is a Marathon race, not a 100 meters race.


Ja, genau!

I allow myself to get addicted.


Wow, it is so awesome that you have been doing Duolingo for so long and have followed through for almost 3 years! I’ve been doing Duolingo for at least a year, but my streak is only at 120. I’m proud of that but compared to yours it’s nothing! I think the thing that is really interesting about your story is how many languages you’re learning and how you’re getting into it and trying to do as much XP each day as possible. The ambition is great! Hope your wife gets well soon.


Also, how many lingots do you have after 1000 days? Sorry I’m just wondering, it seems like it would be a big number.


What an achievement ! What a mentality that you have !

i am just a small Arabic boy experiencing the big world ,but life is too short ,and i hope to have half of your ambition . indeed learning a language changes your mentality ,makes you humble, considerate, and respect others .

thank you , i wish you the best , you lighted up a candle


Congratulations! I hope I get to make it to my 1000 day streak someday...


Welcome to the Four Digit Club! :-)


Wow, nice streak!


Very nice! I wish to get there some day!


Great job Gut !!!!!!!


It's too bad duo doesn't have a real discussion board that we can easily go between discussions and also ping each other. I'd make you a bet for lingos. It could help you get to 7 days and then 10. You make it to seven I give you 25 lingos, you don't - then you give me 10 etc. Just saying.


The only thing that didn't change all these years is Duolingo Store. İ have got a lot of lingots but the only i can actually do is to keep my streak by streak freezing. It is really strange that lingots give you time to stop using it. Maybe a more versatile and rich store could motivate people more. I could propose to buy a Plus for instance, using lingots, or at least a special price for Plus.


A really good idea ...


Yeah, I would go for that. I have a bunch of lingots and can’t really spend them! Also, they should make more bonus skills.


Haha nice idea !

And congrats on the impressive streak !


I'll do it :D


Wish you all the best for you and your wife!


give me lingot or i will cook ur dog


What an amazing achievement to reach 1000 days. I hope to be able to say the same one day. Thanks for the inspiration.


Congratulations! Well done! Inspiring!


Stergi - congratulations!! Your dedication is inspiring, and it seems like the fruits of your effort has paid off. Keep it up :)


Parabéns! Maybe you could try going through the trees with Greek to Italian to practice translating between them?


Yes, trying to learn a foreign language through another is harder. There is no such a tree. You can use some tips if you want as to use Google translate, but it is time consuming. So you can try English trees, so you are double benefited, you can learn both languages. Comparing two languages phrases with you own it is skill actually. Imagine how much effort is to figure out some idiomatic phrases.

A good source of speaking language is TV series. Because Duolingo isn't a real life speech, as you know. There is no slow motion in life :)


... parabéns!




congrats! now you get a 20 minute visit with your family.


Really inspiring comment you made here! Dolingo begins as a funny way to learn and then you kinda get hungry for more learning. More languages are added the more you want to learn....I began by trying to learn too much at the same time and got lost. One after the other is the best for me :)

Thank you Duolingo indeed to exist and always be evoluting clap clap


Wow! Congrats!

"...Yes, but I actually believe that this language trip never ends..."

So true. Learning languages never ends! How exciting! :) Best regards as you face another 1,000 days of learning languages/SbC


Excellent! congratulations!!




wow, that was really encouraging, thanks dude


Great post. I don't think I'll make it to 1,000 days, so first congratulations. I enjoyed your description of how you've used Duolingo and how it has changed over the years. The language trip never ends and with Duolingo the road is always changing. It is nice to be on the journey with a great learning community.


Good job Obama applauds you


Congrats! I completeled my 1000 day streak just 49 days ago


This is kind of a weird question, but how many lingots do you have after that long on Duolingo? (Also great job, don't know how you can pull that off.)


I have a lot. Take one for the question. :)


Thank you sir!


7065 lingots. That is a lot indeed!


Wait, do you have that many or does Stergi3 have that many? Anyways, that’s a lot!


It's a beautiful adventure! Wow, just reading your post reminded me of so many things that I had forgotten. I break my streaks quite often, but still stay steady with at least 50xp almost daily. I would like to have a few more consistency patterns to track... such as 25 days a month or consistent 3+ times a week. I am focused on Spanish, but also dabble in Korean, Italian, Japanese, Greek, and Hawaiian. I would like to add Arabic if it comes as someone else said, and Finnish. One other thing that would be nice is if there were streaks by each language. I focus on one, get my points, but without the magic "fluency meter", I don't often know how long it's been since I touched the others. Great post, fantastic discipline and huge congratulations!



I 'll tell you a tip. Don't put extreme goal. Because it happens very often not being able or feel demotivated some days. Just 1 XP is enough. Whenever you cannot practice, just spend your streak freezer or take an exercise for 5 minutes, no more.

Another tip to get a lot of Lingots: Start a new language, the Basics are always so easy. Most likely prefer the inverse tree of the languages you are learning. It is useful to learn the language you are interested in as well.


Wow, you founded six clubs...what an impact in our Duo community. And even with the loss of the clubs and your friends, your enthusiasm and gratitude for Duolingo are so evident. I salute you. You are an inspiration for the rest of us. Congratulations on 1000 days and best wishes!


Well done! Brilliant post!


congratulations, I'm working on it and hope getting there too... I feel the Due app makes a little easier to keep the streaks.


Congrats !


I am at 999 today. I am so sad. Stop flexing on people!! Oh and congrats on 1000.

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so awesome for your duo venture and hope your wifey is much better now!!


Is just me or did literally no one notice that stergi3 is fluent in like 6 languages and is learning 5 more, 11 languages is ALOT.

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