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Using Duolingo mobile offline


I spend quite a bit of time on trains, and so like to spend the time on my andriod phone on Duolingo. As don't have any mobile data, I am disconnected from the internet.

I find that Duolingo seems to download a varied number of lessons, sometimes one or two, sometimes five or six. Anyone got any suggestions on how to make it better? Personally, I'd like to 'Mark lessons as offline' - i.e. download them onto the phone, as then I can manage which ones I have access to.


June 3, 2014



I use android tablet to complete the downloaded lessons while on transit, offline. The maximum lessons that can be loaded per skill is five. However, previously completed skills cannot be loaded for offline use.

This is what I do before I leave: I click on all the available lessons while online so that the lessons will be stored and I complete them offline while I'm on transit.


Hey there! You can't currently select which lessons you'd like to use offline. Great feedback though!


If it is possible, it would be great

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