Progress Quiz, My Assessment: :S

So I just took the progress quiz, after noticing that it had changed from a Certificate to a Quiz. I guess I was still hoping for something at the end, but after a 20 minute test....I got a numerical score out of 5. That's it.

That's not really that helpful, really! It doesn't tell me what my strengths or weaknesses are, or what I should work on. It doesn't even specify what I was tested on. It's actually pretty frustrating to just receive a numerical score that has no real reference or meaning. If I go back next time, will I be tested on the same thing? I feel really let down not by my result, but by the dearth of feedback I received at the end of the test.

It's a little sad that this item seems to be simply downgraded instead of changed for the better. I thought after spending hard-earned lingots, I'd get something more useful (helpful information) or satisfying (a certificate) at the end of it all!

June 3, 2014

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You should be able to review past tests or quizes I think so you can see what you did wrong. It was actually the same when it was called certificate, it tells you your strength but don't help in your weaknesses.

June 4, 2014
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