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Is the computer voice (quite) off the mark sometimes?

Is it just me or is the computer voice mispronouncing some words? I think I've caught it more than once saying "gu" instead of "du". Case in point, the sentence "Du bist eine Schülerin" from the Occupations segment. I don't know if this is an occasional, but understandable glitch, or if there are greater problems with the computer-generated voices. I can't judge the German voice, but the one used in the Spanish lessons has quite a few bugs that need to be worked out of the system.

July 18, 2012


[deactivated user]

    Generally, the German voice seems fine to me. @wombatua: You'll probably have the same problem when listening to actual speech. Usually, you can tell by the context which is meant.


    @Raymond17: I agree with Christian that the German voice is pretty good in general. (At the moment, the French voice is worst). However, I also have occasionally noticed some clear mispronunciations. (As far as I can tell, the most common errors seem to be in the length of vowels and in wrong stressings). So, I'd say it isn't 100% reliable but it usually gives a pretty good idea. If in doubt, you can check some of the websites with recordings of native speakers or just ask here ;-)


    I'm sure you're right - hearing German in normal speech would be rather different than hearing a computerized voice through computer speakers.


    Thanks again, Christian. I was concerned that the German voice might be as unreliable as the Spanish voice (which, among other things, sometimes seems to misplace the accent on most words). It's good to have a native German speaker confirm that this is not the case.


    Apart from the words it specifically can't pronounce (e.g. Bär, Gebet) there seem to be some sentences where it makes unrecognisable sounds. The only explanation I can think of, is that there was a spelling error in the original text when the TTS was recorded, which was subsequently corrected, but the audio remained unchanged.

    funnily enough, I don't have any problems (so far) with the french voice, but that's probably because it's easier for me to understand badly pronounced french, than when the natives speak it.

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