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  5. "Where is the tree?"

"Where is the tree?"

Translation:Onde está a árvore?

April 13, 2013



is a tree not fixed in one place long enough to justify ser ?


Both are acceptable: onde é/está a árvore?


I can't really explain why, but I think that "Onde é a árvore?" is a weird question in portuguese. I'm brazilian. Maybe you should go with "Onde fica a árvore?", if está is strange for you ;)


Now that I thought about it, I think there's an explanation of why we don't use É as much as Está for this type of sentence. A tree is not a place, it's a thing. If you are going to ask "Where is that place?" then asking "Onde é aquele lugar?" makes sense, but with things (imagine here that a tree is an object) Está suits better.


Two people go to forest and one asks: "onde é a árvore a qual você me falou?"


Yes, I know that you can use it. It just sounded weird to me. And when I read that sentence the first thing that passed through my mind was "Onde está a árvore?". It's really a matter of context.


I was graded wrong for using fica instead of está. Why?


Why not fica?


Fica? It's graded wrong but sounds right. Is it?

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