Dobrovolnik OpenHouse Praha 2019

Last weekend i was a volunteer (dobrovolnik) Open House Praha 2019. It was a great experience having more or less only Czech speaking people coming to the venue (U dvou zlatych medvedu) where I did an English tour. Still also tried my more or less A1-Czech on them. But too many words in sentences unknown to me, so that ended either in English-Czech or directing them to the 'pani s cervene obleceni') or a day later 'cestina je tamhle a anglicky tady. Checete kavu nebo mame..prosim vas cekate decet minut na pristni prohlidku.' And some variations to that theme ..with the highlight being 'Pane, prosim vas, dolu' and down he he wasnt allowed to go unaccompanied upstairs. Another highlight were the Czech emails I got from the organisation before and during the event. Could read some 40% of them, grabbing the meaning. And tackling the rest with slovniky. 'A je to tu' was a nice one, and happy that wearing a sticker reading 'Bavi me to' no one came up to me and asked me anything in highspeed Czech during the event. So, become a won't regret it one minute of your life.

May 22, 2019


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