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  5. "motlh QIt qet."

"motlh QIt qet."

Translation:He usually runs slowly.

May 22, 2019



The audio for this sentence sounds more like mutlh QIp qep than motlh QIt qet. I could believe that the o is produced with just a bit more rounding than expected, but I simply cannot hear the t sounds here. I think the quality of the recording is at fault, not the speaker.


The quality of the recording is to some extent the fault of the speaker, because she can't use her good microphone or her post processing software with Duolingo, but there is also Canadian raising, the reason Americans hear Canadians say "aboot." I have re-recorded to ensure you can hear the Ts, in any case. Keep pointing these out. I appreciate it.

I think there is reprocessing, perhaps both data compression and manipulation of the dynamic range. Often when I listen to a recording in the course I don't know why I would have accepted that quality in the first place.

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