You CAN opt out of leagues!

Go to settings, uncheck the box that allows clubs and the one that makes your profile public.

Sadly, this means that you can no longer follow the progress of any of the people you may have an interest in, like or respect either. But it is a way to get out of the leagues and just focus on learning the language.

May 22, 2019


I don't like the new Leagues system. I'm thinking of going back to my old German Tutor - Coffee Break German - . It's really a better tutor, but it doesn't have the game type feel to it. You will really learn a lot about the country, culture as well as the language. Sorry Duo, but this change was not really for the good in my opinion. I can't even contact my friends from the old system. What's the fun with competing with strangers who may not be even doing the same language as you??? The intimacy and friendly feel is GONE. Seems like Duo has gone rogue, it's just about the points.

May 23, 2019

do you have a real possibility for Dutch too? today i am totally upset about this League issue, it was the last drop in the bucket.

Say Something in... Do the introduction of the Cornish or Welsh course first to see how it works!

Thanks for mentioning the Coffee Break site as it also offers Italian.


BTW, if you make your profile private, one of the Achievements also disappears - namely, the "Friendly" one. Not that I really have a problem with that, but I guess it's got to be mentioned.

It isn't following people so much as not being able to see some background about someone. My response to a native English speaker could be different than to someone who has English as a second language and what might be perfect advice to a retiree may not work for a school child. (This of course is assuming people have filled in their profiles with something useful.)

I also like being able to keep certain people in my "circle of friends" once I find some nice ones here. That is lost too when I opt out of the leagues. For now I prefer to lose that in order to avoid the intrusiveness of the league system AND having myself entered into it. But it's a baffling "update" to me.

And this is the best joke in the PRIVACY settings ever.

To opt-out from Leagues, you M U S T set your profile to PRIVATE and then your own friend list and Web Leaderboard (the old one) is gone.

The text for the 2nd point in the middle also says: Nobody can follow you anymore.

I do not think that staff really has understood what opt-in / opt-out means :-)

These options are not usuable as they are designed right now, not for me.

I want to have the old Web dashboards for friends and people I follow...but this does not imply that I want to compete with all random people in Leagues without caring about the specific language.

I actually would have been interested to compete with personally SELECTED people (country, region, sharing hobby/interest, same language / tree, etc.) on a weekly leaderboard like it is already working for clubs.

Maybe with a negotiated subset from my own followers (friends) or those people who I am already with in a club.

UPDATE (4 hours later):
The 50 League people are TOTALLY random; I do not know anyone after 2,5 years, they are not in my web follower / friends list and they do not learn Portuguese.

The development for the mobile apps is IMHO not up to the standard what many users and club admins were searching for for so long:

  • no "find me a random club (swapped over from IOS development) vs Android V3.72.2 "club lists" with concrete title and description
  • join filters (e.g language levels, streak, etc.)
  • minimum commitment per week or day or both incl. bonus XP

The V3.72.2 club thing was a chance to build groups based on interest or country/region.
Who really liked it that random people joined your club when you made it public?
Which user was enthusiastic being placed into a random club without being able to read the club title and club description?

Quite often the best of both worlds is needed to keep something really alive or reactivate it.

Yes, this really makes no sense. It has to be some kind of research to see how people react to totally irrational systems they are forced into. I do not believe they are stupid or lack the ability to guess what people want. So the fact that they repeatedly force people into uncomfortable things that no real person would want makes me think someone is gonna get a great PhD dissertation (or a lot of money) out of this.

See my full comment here about competitions against Duome SHOF high performers or a single language competition:$comment_id=32304697

And the latest: I CAN opt out by turning settings to private on my profile while I'm doing lessons so I don't have to see the gaming junk then turn it back to public for the rest of the time.

What a find! (for now).

... or just set it back to how it was. I think DL must have a new designer keen to make their mark. In german we call this a "verschlimmbesserung", which is when you wreck something trying to improve it. English speakers say "if it aint broke, don't fix it". Either way, they messed up.

Oh Thomas stop it! I've found the whole thing horrible, but only now I am literally getting emotional about it. I never thought this would bring me to tears....such a cry baby! But what we had worked - though it could have been upgraded. Not an unlimited number of clubs, only those who participated would be able to stay in one. Also the admins who had active clubs could stay - not those who started a club then disappeared! Oh well...midnight here, I'm off. Gute Nacht! ❛¿❛)

I agree with everything you have said here. Ty.

Well, as it stands right now, we CAN opt out of leagues if we want to and that is the point of my post. I did also mention that all the other friends would also go away. Each of us can make a choice.

This is why I say we must be in some kind of grand social experiment. There is no rational explanation for why any of this is happening.

Sandra. Welcome back to the forum.

Besides, I have to complete my movie plot based on this

Sandra. I too have worked in the same mh area as you, and beyond, but a touch of Songve's sternness on what is basically an anonymous forum, works well. If one counsels every spammer and troll, burnout happens. The plot will be a humdinger;-)

I didn't leave...and didn't intend to. My post was just pointing out how awful it is to be out of balance and that I was stuck. I need the cool headed productivity of learning to balance the heat in the kitchen here.

After some spam was deleted and I found out how to opt out of leagues (thanks to you although I know you don't like shout-outs), my faith was restored and my mood elevated a bit. It's like riding a horse. When things go bad and I fall off, it's best to get right back on.

Sandra. Right on! Nothing like a good gallop! See ya:-)

The 1st "Clubs" option has also been REMOVED by staff in my PRIVACY web settings when the League automatically started after 10 lessons!!!

Great post, 45 lingots! So many comments on the forum just complaining about the leagues, just turn them off! I personally don't care either way though, because, if you ask me, you should go at your own pace, and not rush and/or force yourself into learning too fast ('cause that's not learning)!

Thank you! Many people are attracted by the carnival like atmosphere that such competitions with total strangers evokes. The desire to "defeat" others in our own path to improvement is counterproductive and even sinister, IMO. And to bait people with worthless lingots (although they ARE very nice to give and receive here! :-)) just fuels the overly competitive nature of many young (and older) people.

Now I am collecting points and not learn properly

It's a real flaw that you cannot compete in Leagues with people who are learning the same language. What's more, the settings should be required to be equal (i.e. microphone/sound must be on) and exact keyboard entries should be far stricter (spelling with accents, etc.). That said, Duolingo is trying and it is a 1000% better than when I started in 2013.

I agree that the league idea is totally flawed. Why it’s not confined to leagues of people learning the same language is beyond me. Also why we have been ‘split up’ from our historic ‘friends’ is also bizarre. Although I have never met any of my ‘friends’, I was admin of quite an active Spanish club and used to enjoy reading the phrases in the daily word game that my friends came up with. I was also an active admin and so when people in my club stopped engaging with duo, I would remove them to allow active people to join. I liked this format and don’t understand why it needed to be changed?

Completely agree with you and the others. The players matching procedures are inconsistent, and instead of motivating, this new feature is discouraging me a lot. Actually, I don't care any more about this Leagues, and dont use it nor check it anymore, Bronze League or Paper League is fine to me, I dont care at all.

I liked much more the "Clubs" idea, it is a pity it was removed. I prefered to be inside a limit and always well "known" team of motivated people that this fuzzy and unpersonal "Leagues" idea. So bad.

It appears there's another option to opt out of the leagues.

I see a note near the top on the right side a note about having to complete a certain number of lessons to "unlock the leaderboards." That number has increased since yesterday.

This is great. I'm happy leaving the leaderboards locked. I'll just do fewer lessons.

Hello mreaderclt! This is Desert. You were in my club before they went away. I wish you good luck with continuing your amazing streak. If you ever come across John Macauley (Rey Juan) please tell him Leo and I say hello. Thanks, Desert

Good to see you again, Desert. I will do that if I run across John Macauley. :)

I still don't have leagues on the web version, but I'm guessing they're rolling out the feature at different times. Frankly I just started ignoring everything, because there are too many changes I haven't liked lately and there seems to be no going back. I even started doing test-outs again for less XP (yes I was in favor of those) because I was reviewing things I already knew too many times and I put learning above everything. Although competition with others and keeping up with the Joneses is not my main focus, If it were I would agree that having a choice to compete with friends would be nice.

I cannot speak for others but there are several of my friends and family members who live elsewhere and we enjoy competition between ourselves. The leagues are more of a nuisance. Since the only way to eliminate participation from the league is to eliminate your list of Friends with whom you compete, we will not be doing this but thank you for the option. Edwin

But there is no point, if we can’t have clubs back. You may as well ignore the leagues.

Thank you! I did that as soon as leagues were introduced to my profile. I'm mildly OCD and I can't handle too much competition - I would just be doing Duolingo all day when I should be doing other things. And really, all I want is to just learn Spanish properly.

Go to settings, uncheck the box that allows clubs and the one that makes your profile public.

Your bio in your profile also becomes hidden in public if you uncheck this box. Only way to see the bio without checking the Make my profile public box is to access your profile on

I had hoped to be done with and to drop out of those unintelligent leagues once I reach Ruby League. But DL wants leagues to be never ending. So I will just ignore them. To opt out in the way it is described here seems difficult to me. I am just a user and not able to handle working in the settings of a program - like driving a car, you can be a good driver, even if you don't know how to repair the car. I regret the changes of the last two years. They make DL a lot less precious and useful as a tool for learning languages.

I think I must have a different version of Duolingo as cannot see a 'clubs' option.

They have now removed it. Sorry. Things move so quickly here.

Indeed they do.

I like your Swiss Bahnhofuhr!

I don’t seem to have this option in my settings. I’m using the app on my phone with iOS

Thanks- I figured that’s what it was but just wanted a confirmation.

My real issue is that the daily goal is only available on mousing over the symbols at the top.

I'm just going to use the web version on my phone until leagues are removed from the app.

Thank you, I finished first place in bronze and silver and was just competing with a person for first place in gold and then it struck me, did I come here to beat mister Mendes or did I come here to learn a language or two?. I'd rather lose to a person and win by actually learning.

Exactly! I got gold, and knew I would be getting gold all the time because of how much I practice my languages, then I scrolled down and saw that some people were losing points because they hadn't reached some arbitrary number. I don't like that. My tendency to do a lot of lessons shouldn't kick someone farther down the ladder.

I've got one friend on here, and I think I'll warn him that Duolingo will make me disappear, because I don't like the idea of punishing people simply because they aren't/can't keep racking up a certain amount of points (and, according to what I've read, there will always be a group losing points, no matter how much they study on Duolingo).

wish i could still see my housemates progress but not bother with leagues

Install the extension uBlock Origin and you can do just that.

Thanks for the info. I had no compelling reason to be public or private, but if it gets Leagues out of my face, I'm doing this!

Thank you so much, I was looking for this though I wasted too much time on these bs leagues instead of learning the language. Especially that duolingo has gone crazy and added 5 more leagues to make the competitions ultimately insane! I don't know what is the point of gaining 10000 xp/day in learning a language because the only way to gain that much xp is to just addictively repeat the simplest lesson again and again all day. Not to mention duolingo uses health points to prevent addiction!

Thank you for this! The whole league thing puts unnecessary pressure on me.

Leagues are on the app and not on the web?

They were. Now they are on the web too, for some people obviously. I have no idea for how long but it was an unwelcome change for many true language learners.

Quote: Now they are on the web too, for some people obviously.

Including hacked user accounts (changed fullname field) announcing Russian s.x sites in the first round.

Quote: it was an unwelcome change for many true language learners.

My EN->PT club at least had some/most people:

  • with a real portrait picture
  • given fullname
  • long-time users (L25 languages, SHOF streakers)
  • learning Portuguese (so we could compete in our target language)
  • each course/tree had its own club (I know, there also were "social clubs" with random learners)

You could at least swap people who did not meet the basic join criteria as the "clubs feature" never was brought to its full admin potential, so the better thing was to keep it private.

If we had a dedicated "clubs" sub-forum (which we were not allowed to have) we could have found some new people without having to go to Reddit as "Club posts" usually are quickly downvoted on the Duolingo discussion forums.

Once I noticed that the swapped over IOS->Android "Find me a random club" functionality mainly brought new users with removed avatars or very new registers users / beginners (who usually drop out after 1-3 weeks) when it was set to PUBLIC, I knew:

That will annoy me for a longer time and it was IMHO basically already the end of "Android mobile clubs" compared to the better V3.72.2 public "club lists" where people were at least allowed to freely join an interesting club according to shown title/description.

I tried it once with 50 users for an open PT->EN club where people joined in 2-3 days where some of them did not even speak a single word of English and who also used hidden avatars....forget it....not manageable.


Instead of a 50 Leagues user competition list from my web Duolingo friends/followers (Ranking), I have to compete against a bunch of random totally UNKNOWN people with removed fullnames, removed avatars, beginners, user with very different languages.

I have nothing in common with ANYONE of those 50 League people!

Why can't I simply compete against Portuguese people from the three courses:

Or from those ~12,000 high performers on the SHOF list???

No, I don't understand it.

The leagues user list stays the same even when I cycle through all my courses!!

Another VERY half-baken "feature" which was surely not deeply thought through.

After 30 minutes I am already NOT interested in it and now the PRIVACY 1st "Club" option is also gone on the web, well done staff!!

Thankfully we can remove the Leagues panel (html/css code) with "uBlock Origin":

This is not possible when you are using the mobile app.

If you changed it on the website, would it carry over to the app the next time you opened it?

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