"My father has a restaurant."

Translation:Mio padre ha un ristorante.

April 13, 2013

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    "il mio padre ha un ristorante"<---why is it wrong?


    Close relatives, father, mother, brother, sister, in the singular do not require the definite article. So it is "mio padre" my father, "suo fratello" his brother, etc.


    by "don't require", you meant "requires the absence of", in questo caso? That it "doesn't require" doesn't suggest it is wrong with it. Sono sconfitto


    It's wrong to use it... It never should be used for close relatives... (learned from an Italian) ;-)


    Thank you. This clarification was very helpful. I couldn't figure out why use of the definite article was inconsistent.


    In italian, Family pronuns (father, mother, sister... ) do not use pronoun. The correct way is just: "mio padre ha un ristorante"


    You mean family "nouns" do not use "definite article", "mio" is the possessive adjective. A pronoun would replace a noun. There are a couple of exceptions: http://italian.about.com/od/grammar/a/italian-possessive-adjectives.htm


    And why "mio papa ha un ristorante" is wrong?


    Duo is trying to teach the difference between the English words father and dad, and the Italian padre and papa.

    father = padre dad = papa, babbo and any other familiar or diminutive terms there are for ones father.

    So if the sentence was 'My dad has a restaurant', your translation would be accepted.


    The inconsistencies are driving me crazy! "Il mio padre ha un leone" is correct, yet "Il mio padre ha un ristorante" is wrong. What am I not understanding about the article?


    I know, I struggle with it too, but here are some guidelines. The statement about the lion is actually “il mio papà ha un leone” and that padre/papà is what makes the difference. The MAIN exceptions to using the definite article are:

    1. Do NOT use a definite article (il, la, etc) in front of singular nouns referring to close family members (padre, madre, sorella, etc). HOWEVER, The definite article IS USED with nouns that are VARIATIONS of the basic forms, such as babbo, papà (dad), mamma (mom), and fratellino (little brother).

    2. A definite article IS USED when referring to parts of the body and articles of clothing HOWEVER, the possessive adjective (mio, sua, etc) is NOT used. Ex. Mi fa male la testa. (My head hurts.) Cerco le scarpe. (I am looking for my shoes.)

    3. A definite article is NOT USED WITH the possessive adjective when the adjetive comes after the noun in a statement of FACT or ECLAMATION! Ex. Mio dio, questo è confuso! (My god, this is confusing!)


    This is a wonderful explanation. Mille grazie!


    Pomelo, i've the same question.... what is wrong in that sentence?


    Why is Il mio padre un ristorante wrong?


    Why is the" il" not used before mio padre?

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