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Free Language Test

Hi everyone!

I would like to share a link for you to test your Swedish (also available for several other languages) for free. I got this link from Folkuniversitetet, a language institute where I studied Swedish in Sweden.


A little information taken from the website:

The test is a combination of two methods: self-assessment, where you assess your own skill-level, and a standard test, where you choose the correct answer. The test assesses "grammar and vocabulary", "reading skills" and "listening skills". "Oral" and "written" skills will not be assessed online – just the self-assessment.

The test is run in accordance with the Common European Framework Reference for Languages. When you have finished the test, the results will be e-mailed to you. Here you can see which level you are at in relation to the reference framework.

Good luck to you all!

May 23, 2019



Just adding that though I don't know anything about this specific test, Folkuniversitet is legit.


My Bitdefender suggested this link wasn't safe


They've changed the url and removed the contents from that page. Your Bitdefender is warning you that the page has no valid certificate, which is correct, but there's no content behind it.

Anyways, the new url is https://folkuniversitetet-sverige.eurotest.me/en/register


This is working fine. Thank you


My Bitdefender was fine with the new link. Thanks


Going fine now with the the new URL

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