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Student duolingo login

a student of mine can't login into his duolingo account. I have tried to reset his password multiple times and it keeps telling me and him that the password is wrong. What else can I do?

May 23, 2019



Hi ShirleyRobin1989,

a student of mine can't login into his duolingo account

Sure the student is using the correct username to login?
Or, if the student is logging in with an email address, sure that they spell correctly the email address when they try to login? And sure that the email address in the settings of their account is spelt correctly?


It's probably because the student never verified his/her email. After signing up you have to go to your emails account and click on the link from Duolingo. If your student doesn't have an email, her mom/dad should verify the account. If this doesn't solve your problem, send an email to teachers@duolingo.com

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