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"No specific language" option not available

I'm trying to set up a classroom for my EAL class; students come from several countries with a number of "home" languages. The instructions on the website suggest that I should choose "no specific language" in the classroom settings, but that is not an option in the pull down menus.

May 23, 2019

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It indeed seems strange that:

  • the "no specific language" option is not there for the choice of source language.
    Typically needed for ESL class.
  • the "no specific language" option is there for the choice of target language.
    A priori a given class is more to follow the students of a class teaching a given language.
    Even if one (a parent for instance) may want to follow different users working on different languages. But, in any case, sounds more important to have it in the "source language" than in the target.
  • When "no specific language" selected for the target language, it forces the source language as "English".
    Why such hypothetical class teaching several languages should be only for English native students?
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