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  5. "नेहा कभी नहीं रोती।"

"नेहा कभी नहीं रोती।"

Translation:Neha never cries.

May 23, 2019



Neha's dead inside.


With everyone else crying, this may be true.


She was crying before, so this statement is not true. But I feel like we just suddenly entered some tragic play in the last scene.


How do you say 'Neha sometimes doesn't cry' then?

Before this sentence came up, I thought this was the way - कभी नहीं [verb] - no है, like the नहीं is coupled with the verb, so कभी stands alone; vs कभी नहीं [verb] है where कभी नहीं can be considered phrasal, never.

Best I can think is quite contrived - नेहा कभी रोना नहीं करती [with or without है]।

Is there any way to distinguish never and sometimes doesn't without changing the verb to करना?

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