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"The surgeon is saving herself."

Translation:toD'eghtaH HaqwI'.

May 24, 2019



What are the guidelines for the order of suffixes? Does li/taH always come at the end?


Here is a list of all the verb suffixes and their order: http://klingonska.org/dict/suffix.html


What are the guidelines for the order of suffixes?

Suffixes have a number, and they come in the order of their numbers.

-'egh is a type-1 suffix and -taH is a type-7 suffix, so -'egh comes first.

-lI' is also type 7.

There are nine types of verb suffixes, so there can be further suffixes after -taH or -lI', especially the syntactic (type-9) suffixes such as -chugh "if" or -mo' "because".

Also, the rover -be' can occur after pretty much any suffix.

Similarly, Qorwagh vIpoSmoH is "I open the window", but "I need to open the window" is not Qorwagh vIpoSmoHnIS but Qorwagh vIpoSnISmoH -- the -nIS (a type-2 suffix) has to come before -moH (a type-4 suffix).

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