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It's really hard to use Duolingo in any consistent way in class when things keep changing.

Eons ago, I use to have students keep their skills gold and then show me throughout the week. To count their points, I had to add all of them as friends.

Then... schools.duolingo.com came to life and changed very little over the years. However, lately with the crowns system not allowing test-outs at first, then changing their minds and letting students get inordinate amounts of XP for not very much work has made it hard to be consistent on how I count "work" on Duolingo. Now you don't get very many points for testing out (thanks!), but it's still frustrating to keep up with all of the changes and tweaks. As an educator, I have learned the hard way that too many changes all at once can cause undue stress on students.

Now they've made another change of percentages instead of lessons per level. The Schools feature can't track percentages, so now we have to wait for them to redesign the course progress page, which is pretty low on their priority list.

For the love of all that is holy, please think about these things. School students have to make up a huge part of your clientele, so consider how your one-right-after-the-other changes affect them.

[I will end on a good note]: Thank you for making the Spanish and French courses much more conversationally useful and useful! They are 20 times better than the first iterations.

May 24, 2019




the French staff/contractor tree12 is 20 times better than the contributor French tree3 which had 26+ more dedicated "grammar skills"? Are you sure?

Their new CEFR trees are just a different beast.
If you can tell me how you do exactly know which one of the 156 skills you have to re-strengthen to practice grammar XX we are in the game :-)

Also I would be hesitent at the moment in starting a CEFR course which will probably take me ~1,8-2,3 years (simple math recalculation based on completing the EN->PT course with 69 skills and 406 lessons with Memrise/Mondly/50languages all in parallel within one year) to complete it.

I think I will better stick to the courses from Portuguese for the next years because of the classic old-style "tree design" (more grammar).

Maybe this is something good that I should hopefully be able to write and understand Portuguese?!? :-)

But some sentences on my two PT reverse trees always give me some trouble...if this also happens with the PT->FR course I will be lost :-)

Otherwise I should probably look for a teacher who assist me in getting through with the lessons and where I can directly ask questions; would be more useful in trying to find out why the one or other answer was not accepted and which one I have to report and where I have to dig for more PT explanations in the other forward course (tips) or external resources :-)

Like this feature which is available within classrooms...

Dustin I can tell you, I am stuck for too long at ~55% progress in my PT->DE reverse tree and completing 2+ new lessons in those two Past tense skills in the middle of the tree in the last two days I know exactly why this happened for too long!

If Duolingo is not 100% ready for schools, why is everybody trying to use it?

Is there no good school material (books, audio cds, interactive teacher drilling, etc.) available anymore to do interactive classroom teaching and focus more on speaking than having to answer Duolingo picture and multiple-choice exercise questions?

I hope staff is going to fix all those known problems so you will have a abit easier life again.

How hard was the shock for your students being migrated from French tree2 to tree12 from the one night to the next day?

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