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How do you study?

I'm learning Indonesian. I've always have been bad with foreign language; learning anything for that matter. What are some tips I could get to help me come along further in my study? I'm really inspired to pick up Indonesian, I'm just lost at what I need to do besides the duolingo app to help me retain information, and have attention problems.

May 24, 2019



I use cloze master 50 languages and youtube my tip for anyone who wants to learn with youtube is to try to find lessons where you don't need to see what is going on on the screen so you can theoretically learn all day without missing out on other things.


here i give you my linggot........seriously you learn that's all


Knowing Tagalog gives me a advantage when learning Indonesian. I learn by YouTube videos on that language since they are no books in the US. My interest on Indonesia started with the action movie The Raid. I'm a big Iko Uwais fan.

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