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"The wind is cold in the winter."

Translation:Anuanu ka makani i ke kau hoʻoilo.

May 24, 2019



Hu‘ihu‘i cannot??


Why isn't hu'ihu'i accepted here? What's the difference?


Since "anuanu ka makani ma ke kau ho'oilo" was accepted (per mojavemama below) and I put "hu'ihu'i ka makani ma ke kau ho'oilo" and we can't figure out why hu'ihu'i is incorrect, I marked it as "my answer should be accepted." So we'll see what happens (unless someone can explain why it's wrong!)


Hopefully the course creators will get back to us on this...and other questions we have. Especially since wehewehe.org lists huʻihuʻi as Cold front, as of weather.


And why not? What's the difference? Has the distinction between hoʻoilo and anuanu been illustrated previously? Where? Did I miss it? Because it wasn't offered as an alternative translation - just that hoʻoilo is incorrect for "cold" here.


Ho'oilo means winter


Anuanu ka makani ma ke kau hoʻoilo.

is accepted.

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