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"Tomato, cabbage, carrot, pumpkin."

Translation:Tomat, kubis, wortel, labu.

May 24, 2019



How come the option for cabbage is 'kol' but other questikns say it is 'kubis'? Also when I clicked the comments section for this question it appeared as 'kubis' and not 'kol'


kubis = kol ==> it's the same.


It looks like kubis remids to couves (Portuguese) and kool (Dutch) so I am wondering if the name is different depending on the colonizers and merchants of each island.


Please don't teach 2 Indonesian words for 1 English word in the same lesson. Teach the most frequently used one in this lesson, then the other one in a later lesson (or not at all).


So....you don't want to know the synonyms ?
A translation with a synonym be rejected ?
Is that what you're saying ?


I think that the point is that learning a new language is hard enough. Most bule (myself included) prefer the KISS method. (Keep it simple, stupid)


Why have kol in the defintion if it will not ge accepted?

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