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editorial oversight of translations?

Is there any sort of editorial oversight on the translations? I'm noticing that some of my translations are being overwritten--some for the better, which is a good thing, but some definitely for the worse.

At the moment, it looks to me as though the accepted translation is whatever the most recent translation was. Is that right, or am I missing something?

April 13, 2013



Actually my question wasn't concerned with whether I learned anything, but whether there was any value to the translations if only the last version was kept. If the ultimate goal of Duolingo is to translate the web, then the quality of the translations ultimately matters. Whether I, personally, am responsible for the quality of those translations is not the issue--but whether these particular translations are worth doing at all, and whether Duolingo will ultimately produce decent translations.

I'm still unclear on what happens with the various versions of the translations. Are they all scrapped, except for the last one--regardless of whether it's any good?


I don't know what happens to the older versions of translations but I guess they are still stored somewhere in the system. If duo finally wants to sell translations, they will have to come up with some sort of quality assurance in the long run, but I suppose that at the moment they don't bother too much about this final step and focus more on improving the basic translation process. My impression is that the average quality of translations has improved since they introduced the wiki-style translations. Sure, I sometimes receive messages about rather questionable edits, but as far as I can tell, the number of completely bogus translations has decreased considerably.


Thanks, that's good to know. Still very much a work in progress, huh? Well, the journey is entertaining.


We don't see any final translations, but only the last version. I guess the team decides what to do with these translations, whether they are only for research or they get proofread by professionals.

Just do your best with your try. You are not responsible for the final quality.


This is one of my pet peeves, too. With no oversight of translations and edits by some authority, translating and editing become a waste of time, a repeated exchange of corrections with no indication of what is an acceptable translation, a good translation, or the best translation. As a result, nobody learns anything in the process.


Whether you learn anything or not depends mostly on yourself. Reading without translating is also useful. When I go to the Immersion section, I always first read the German sentence and try to understand it, and only then I hover the cursor and look at the translation (if there is any). The translation itself is more a practice of English, not German, and of course it is a way to get points for my understanding of German.

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