Well, im trying to finish one of my levels and when it the match game and ive done all of them but one it keeps on saying its wrong but there is no way that it is because there is no other answer. I have a screen shot if you need it.

May 24, 2019


Send the screenshot . I will try to help you .

You can post the screenshot to imgur and then put the link here.

This happens a lot with me too. Several times now the matching game doesn't work because one of the hindi letters doesn't seem to register (there is no sound when you click it either)

Same. I have it in three places now and basically cannot progress. I waited a few weeks as there were others with the same issue (to see if an update/fix arrived), but they still exist. Interesting that some more recent posts are saying they have finished their courses, so it obviously works at times? I'm on Android 9 if that makes a difference.

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