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  5. "किसको नहीं पढ़ना है?"

"किसको नहीं पढ़ना है?"

Translation:Who does not have to study?

May 24, 2019



Aamir doesn't. Aamir gets to play.


I laughed when I read this the first time around, some months ago.

This time around, I'll take a crack at translating into Hindi:

आमिर नहीं। आमिर को खेलने के लिए मिलता है।

IIUC "gets to do X" is constructed with (oblique infinitive of X) + के लिए मिलता है.

Duo teaches us one of the meanings of मिलना, which is "to meet". But another meaning is "to be given, to get". https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/मिलना.

Take all that with a grain of salt - I'm just another student. :-)


Thank you, I was wondering how to say that


Why isnt kaun used here?


किसको is the dative form of कौन (and also of क्या incidentally).

If you don't know what that means, think of the possible answers to the question - नेहा को नहीं पढ़ना।, उसको नहीं पढ़ना। etc. Just like the noun नेहा takes up the postposition को and वह turns to उसको in these sentences, कौन becomes किसको.


So किस is the oblique of कौन?


I think that DUO should have given us some tips on the topic of modals.


"Who doesn't need to study?" marked wrong. So...in Hindi, "need to" and "have to" aren't the same meaning?


there is A BIGGG difference between HAVE TO and WANT TO Duolingo please correct this statement


So its preety much saying 'to who'

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