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  5. "Assim não!"

"Assim não!"

Translation:Not like that!

April 13, 2013



But why does it offer 'like this' as an option if it then marks it wrong? I'll report this.


your report saves us now. thanks


Hey we share the same surname and the same opinion. I answered 'Like this, no.' but was wrong.


"Not like this/that" is more typical for English.


can we switch the order of the words


Yes, here both ways are correct, but "Assim não!" is more common.


This new boy speaker only has one speed no matter which button we push, and that speed often seems to be the incomprehensible one.


entao nao / assim nao ?


«Então não.» means "Then no," in the following context, for example:

"Do you wanna come to the party?" "Maybe. Will my ex be there?" "Yes." "Then no."

Since «assim» means "like that" or "like this," «assim não» means "not like that" or "not like this."


I'm with all of you--and made the same mistake. Note: Google translate says the English is "So there!", and I also wonder whether the common expression "No way!" would also be a valid translation. Anyone?


No. «assim não» is not how you would say "no way." «assim não» means "not like that," as in someone is doing something wrong, and you want to warn them before something bad happens. "No way!" as in a rejection would be «De jeito nenhum!». You can also say «Nem pensar!», which is more common in European Portuguese in my opinion although i cannot speak for Brazilian Portuguese; this expression is akin to "Don't even think about it!"


Does Google translate "assim" as "so there"? Interesting, because in Swedish "sådär" (literal translation: "so there") means "like that".


So which one is it then: "not like that" as in "Is that how you do this? -No, not like that", or is the connotation different and something closer to "no way!" ?


It is not "no way." It is definitely the former, "not like that," when someone is doing something the wrong way. See my above comment for how to say "no way." :)

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