The "etymology" of Valyrian names

Valyrian names, and Targaryen names specifically, are probably the first contact any reader of the books or watcher of the show get to High Valyrian. Of course, they were coined by George R. R. Martin long before David J. Peterson actually created the language. Nevertheless, I found it interesting that some roots in the names by GRRM have meanings created by DJP, which may be intentional or not. None of the ones I have found have negative meanings, which is interesting. Since long vowels are a DJP invention I haven't taken them into account here.

  • āegion "iron" – Aegon

  • aemagon "to have (of things)" – Aemon

  • aeragon "to move" – Aerys

  • baelagon "to help" – Baelor

  • dāer- "free" – Daeron

  • dārys "king" – Daario

  • jaeh- "god" + aeragon "to move" – Jaehaerys

  • jaqiarzy "glorious" – Jaqen

  • maeg- "wise" (uncertain) – Maegor

  • rhaenagon "to meet" – Rhaenys

  • sȳr- "good" – Syrio

Bonus: do- "non-, un-" + haeragon "to move (of things)" – to not move, to be kept imprisoned – dohaeragon "to serve" (i.e. to be a slave)

Can you think of any others?

May 25, 2019


"Kirimvose" seems to share the root of "kirine", much like the common Chinese greeting 你好 (Nǐ hǎo = you good).

May 27, 2019

That one is pretty much confirmed, it essentially means "with happiness". But both words are also by DJP.

May 27, 2019

Good job! Interesting about the posible etymologies.

May 27, 2019
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