"The museum does not open on Mondays."

Translation:Il museo non apre i lunedì.

April 13, 2013

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Il museo non apre di lunedì. Il museo non apre i lunedì.

Is there a different meaning if you use "i" instead of "di" or is it completely the same?


note "il lunedi" is also correct. Which is interesting... I just learnt that "lunedi" is written the same singular or plural.


There is a rule that says "all the words finished in uplauded keep the same form in sigular an plural"


"Il museo non apre il lunedì"- I think this is the only correct answer. I'm not sure about "i lunedì", because in Italian when you want to say that something happens regularly on a certain day, you put "il" in front of the day of the week from Monday to Saturday, and "la" in front of domenica (Sunday). E' chiuso la domenica- It is closed on Sundays. Il Martedi faccio la spesa- I do my shopping on Tuesdays.


Yes, I have the same question?

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