The "Jump to Level" test is just ridiculously easy!

I hesitated to post about this but I had to, as the "Jump to Level" test, which is accessed by clicking on the "key" icon in each lesson, is very poorly done.

When I click the "key" icon, it promises me the following: "Jump to Level 4! Pass the test with fewer than 4 mistakes to jump up a level. We won’t make it easy for you though…"

Now I extracted the questions from this test (Numbers 1 - directly Jump to Level 4) and they came as follows:

  • "drei Frauen" - Write in English
  • "vier Mädchen" - Listen and type
  • "drei Frauen" - Listen and type
  • "vier Jungen und zwei Mädchen" - Write in English
  • "drei Eier" - Write in English
  • "vier Jungen und zwei Mädchen" - Listen and type
  • "drei Kinder" - Write in English
  • "vier Mädchen" - Write in English
  • "drei Kinder" - Listen and type
  • "four girls" - Write in German
  • "drei Männer" - Write in English
  • "four boys and two girls" - Write in German
  • "drei Bücher" - Write in English
  • "three men" - Write in German
  • "drei Bücher" - Listen and type
  • "three children" - Write in German
  • "three women" - Write in German
  • "The fifteen" - Write in German
  • "The eighteen" - Write in German
  • "Eins, zwei, drei, vier, fünf" - Select missing word

What kind of test is this? It keeps switching between "vier" and "drei" in a ridiculous manner although it promises not to make it easy! I know that this lesson (Numbers 1) has a wealth of good tougher questions but I don't see it being used in here! So my question is actually to the programmers of Duolingo, have someone tested this functionality at all?

May 25, 2019


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