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  5. "Putra dan putri."

"Putra dan putri."

Translation:Son and daughter.

May 25, 2019



In the synonyms thingy is says putri also means ''princess'', could anyone elaborate?


Sometimes the translations are a bit off. I’m not an expert on Indonesian, but maybe it is the same word, or they might say ‘beautiful daughter(in Indonesian) to specify. But it is in beta, so some things might be wrong.


putra = son , son of a king
putri = daughter, daughter of a king.

See KBBI definitions below. (see first entry)


putra/put·ra/ n
1 anak laki-laki raja; <== son of a king
2 anak kandung;
3 anak laki-laki;
4 khusus (untuk) laki-laki:


putri/put·ri/ n
1 anak perempuan raja; <== daughter of a king
2 anak perempuan; wanita: -- sejati;
3 khusus (untuk) wanita: lompat tinggi --;
4 cak anak kandung wanita;


Like in English you can call your kids prince/princess or little prince/princess I think it is similar. I am not sure if the connotations in English are the same with the Indonesian use. As in it can mean they act or are treated like they are a bit or very royal...or special.


I don't think it's the same. There's no connotation of treating your child as royalty when referring to them as "putra" or "putri".


"Putra and putri" means "son and daughter", but can also mean "prince and princess", though it more often used to mean "son and daughter". WayangOrang provided the KBBI entries for both words, however, in everyday speech, we usually say "prince and princess" as "pangeran dan (tuan) putri".

While used to mean "son and daughter", "putra and putri" denotes a higher level of respect than "anak laki-laki dan anak perempuan". That's why in everyday speech we just say "anak" to refer to a son or a daughter.

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