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  5. "Does he text you?"

"Does he text you?"

Translation:Kelekiko ʻo ia iā ʻoe?

May 25, 2019



Okay I specifically looked for an "ʻoe" bubble for this sentence and could not find one. So I removed the "iā" bubble with the thought that perhaps the "to you" might be assumed.


That sounds like an error. There needs to be iā ʻoe for this.


The word "anei" is introduced in a later lesson, but would I be able to use "anei" in this sentence?

e.g. Kelekiko ʻo ia anei iā ʻoe?

[I inserted "anei" as such in the lesson and it was marked as incorrect]


It goes at the end of the verb phrase - Kelekiko anei ʻo ia anei iā ʻoe? or another example with more modifiers Kekekiko pinepine aku anei ʻo ia anei iā ʻoe?


What does "iā" accomplish here that "i" could not?


The word i goes before regular nouns and their respective definite article, demonstrative, or possessive. If it is a pronoun or a proper noun (a name), then the word i becomes iā .


Thank you so much for this I was wondering what "i" was for!


One slight exception is that iā +au = ia‘u. Otherwise, this is pretty standard.


How do I make a kahako?


If you are on mobile device, hold down the vowel for accent options. For a regular computer or laptop, then you can download a Hawaiian keyboard or if you are lazy to do that like me, you can just open another tab and copy & paste off wehewehe.org.

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