Greek resource on youtube

There is a series on youtube called Ελληνικά Παραμύθια (Greek fairy tales). For example, η Σταχτοπούτα (Cinderella) is here:

I think these same animations are available in a variety of languages, and some of the stories are a bit . . . odd, but the narration is clear, and they have English subtitles. Unfortunately, you can't turn off the subtitles, but I move the window down on my computer screen so that I'm not tempted to read them.

You can also slow the speed down.

I should point out that these are 'Fairy tales in Greek', not specifically 'Greek fairy tales'. For example, you can find οι περιπέτειες του Τομ Σωγιερ (the adventures of Tom Sawyer) in this group.

May 26, 2019


Very interesting, will look into

May 26, 2019

θα κοιτάξω και εγώ.

May 26, 2019
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