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  5. "Andi likes jackets."

"Andi likes jackets."

Translation:Andi suka jaket.

May 26, 2019



Jaket-jaket is plural and matches the English plural "jackets" therefore my answer was correct


I have cheked this with an Indonesian native speaker. "Jaket-jaket" is wrong in this case. In English we do the abstract with the plural (ie - there's no particular jackets Andi likes - he just likes jackets in general). So it seems in Indonesian, you do this with the singular. Jaket-jaket means a particular bunch of jackets which Andi likes. THis is not what the sentence means.


That's what I thought too. Otherwise, wouldn't the meaning be " Andi likes a jacket"?


Must be jaket jaket because Jackets is plural

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