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Fault with dū

On my android, I can't finish Letters 3 because it says that dū is not the Hindi form of the letters. I'm getting it right, but when I click on dū and दू the Hindi version, they both flash red.

May 26, 2019



Would it be possible for you to post a screenshot of the problem? You can upload it to imgur or any other image sharing website and comment the link here.


No, I don't sign up to sites like those. I go into Letters 3, Tap the Pairs and dū and the Hindi versions don't pair, so I can't finish it. Perhaps you could try it?


I tried on my phone but I'm not able to reproduce this problem. Anyway, I'll drop in a word with the team. Hopefully, the bug is solved soon.


Yes I have emailed several screenshots to duolingo about this as well and they haven't fixed it. Since the "practice" uses your least used category, I basically can't use that feature because it always picks that category and I can never get past the matching exercise.


If you were still interested in seeing a screenshot, I'm getting this problem when doing the exercise function:



I just bypassed it by testing out


No, it's happened again in another Tap the Pairs, but this time with dū and दू and cū and चू !


And in Letters 4, Tap the Pairs with rū and रू


Same. I submitted a bug to Duolingo! I lost my streak because I could not complete the lesson

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