"Those ones are the good guests."

Translation:Boni sȳri zentyssy issi.

May 27, 2019

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I was wondering if anyone can help me out to differentiate between syz/syri for the term "good" and when to use each one in a sentence


"sȳz" is for solar/lunar nouns in the singular nominative or accusative. "sȳri" is for solar/lunar nouns in the plural nominative or accusative. "Zentys" is a solar noun, and it's nominative plural in this case, hence "sȳri".



I don't get the difference between kony, koni, kesy and kesi. They're all used when talking about Objekts in plural, but whats the difference and when do i use which one?


"Kony" and "kesy" are singular, not plural. "Koni" and "Kesi" are plural. Then there's the difference between "this" (near the speaker) and "that" (not near the speaker). "Kony" and "koni" are "that"/"those" (not near the speaker) and "kesy" and "kesi" are "this"/"these" (near the speaker).


Also bony is for animated subjects and kony is for non animated subjects

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