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  5. "Dia tidak mengganti kausnya."

"Dia tidak mengganti kausnya."

Translation:She does not change her t-shirt.

May 27, 2019



So Mengganti = to change clothes Mengubah = to change otherwise ?


"Mengubah" means to change (in general) while "mengganti" means to change something with something (as a replacement).

Example: I change you = "aku mengubahmu", but, I change my car (with a new one) = "aku mengganti mobilku"

You change your clothes with other clothes, so it uses "mengganti" instead of "mengubah".


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I find Tee shirt is not correct yet it is how its written ?


It's written as "T-shirt" or "t-shirt". I've never seen somone wrote it as "tee shirt"


I have seen "tee-shirt" and "tee shirt". Grammarly accepts "tee-shirt" but not "tee shirt".

There are many ways to spell English words. Duolingo cannot accept them all and those who are Indonesians who are using this course should not learn the archaic or regional ones.


Doesn't the use of "nya" make it THE t-shirt and not "HIS/HER tshirt"?


"-nya" functions both as a (n almost) definite article and 3rd person possesive marker. In this sentence, because there is the pronoun "dia", "-nya" functions as a possesive marker, hence "his/her shirt". Actually, it's relatively rare to use "-nya" as a definite article in writing; it's often used in speech instead.

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