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*Hacia* Whats the difference?

I was asked to translate La mujer mira hacia la ventana. I said "The woman looks toward the window". I got the answer wrong because it says it should have been "the woman looks towards the window"... Whats the difference between toward and towards?

July 19, 2012



There is no difference (at least in meaning).

The consensus among grammarians and people who love English is that using these words without the s is slightly more formal than using these words with the s.

Additionally, "toward" is more common and preferred in American English; "towards" is the predominant form in British English. This may be inherent to the design of duolingo.


I think darkmilz is right. I will add that duolingo seems to have several of these "wrong" right answers. I hope it's just a matter of time for them to update their answers, etc.


Just submit anything like that by clicking on "still think you're right"... they've been really responsive about getting these things fixed.

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