Is it completely worth it to start learning French yet or should I wait until it is out of Beta.

July 19, 2012


I'm not sure what you'd be waiting for, exactly. I've been doing it for several weeks now, and while there are still some bugs, for the most part it is a brilliant system, and they are responsive to feedback (and I have certainly provided some feedback). Already my fluency in the language, at least on a reading level, has improved dramatically. I also like the idea of helping make the service better, and being part of an experiment, so to speak. And what kimojima, above, is right, too. :)

Well worth diving in. I am not sure why it's beta; it seems to work perfectly. I have improved tremendously in about two months, well above what I was doing at the Alliance Fran├žaise in Paris.

I've been doing both French and German, and the only real difference is that there are fewer articles to translate, some of the highest level skills are still locked, and there are some more mistakes still in the high level skills - but this seems to be improving fast. Also, the German speaker is better, but I don't expect that will change before they go gold. Otherwise, the French part has many advantages: some of the low level skills have more information, and the quality of the articles is better imo.

It depends on your tolerance for frustration. You can always stop where you are and continue when it's out of beta A number of times I've tried to test out of a section and been rejected because the only vocabulary it seems to know is what it has already presented. So if you use a word or phrase that's correct, but it hasn't been used in one of the lessons in that section, it will reject your answer which may result in your failing to test out.. .

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