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"What tastes savory and spicy?"

Translation:Apa yang rasanya gurih dan pedas?

May 27, 2019



Why do you need the yang in this question for it to be correct? Would it not make just as much sense without it?


It's just one of those grammar rules.

Please have a look here for more info:
Apa, Siapa, Tips & Notes, Addendum

Take a look at example 4) in that topic :

-4) 'Siapa' can change the [Subject] and take the position at the beginning of the sentence as a [Predicate] with the same word order. However, 'yang' has to be used here.
(130a) Yusyanti membeli mobil. ==> (S-P-O)
(130b) Siapa yang membeli mobil ? ==> (P-S)

(131a) Pak Tampu minta ikan. ==> (S-P-O)
(131b) Siapa yang minta ikan ? ==> (P-S)

Applied to the current sentence, it would be like this :

(+) Nasi goreng ini rasanya gurih dan pedas.
(?) Apa yang rasanya gurih dan pedas ?


thanks I was going to ask the same question or should I say terima kasi , saya pertanyaan sama sama

you could translate to self. ? what IS IT THAT tastes savory and spicy? there for the yang makes sense


what IS IT THAT tastes savory and spicy?

Yes, correct.

"Apa yang ... "==> "What is it that ... "

"Siapa yang ... "==> "Who is it that ... "

whereby : "that ..." = "yang ..."

In a sentence like this, from a grammar point of view, the [Predicate] is the question word, and the yang clause is the [Subject].


My Indonesian friend says it's too much to put yang


If you were to ask me, I would say the answers are: Sambal, Tempe pedas dan Kari.


Why not "terasa"?

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